Designer: Borge Mogensen 1952

Maker: Soborg Mobelfabrik, CPH

Dining-group, table teak with two DETACHABLE flaps, structure in mattchromed steel tubes. (Without flaps you sit six persons, with both flaps on and up: ten persons.) The unique and rare pieces shown here in the original photo by Strüving from 1953. The group is sold only together with the 8 chairs 2 armchairs AND the double sideboard.The table collapses fully for transport. See photos w//wo flaps and the sideboards. Sideboards (2) Table (3) Sidechairs (8) Armchairs (2) Total 15 items

Price DKK: 110000

Quantity: 15

Measures in cm:

H : 73

W : 140-190-240
D : 90