Dear reader,
I thank you for your time and attention.

Here is my short story – a longer one will be available later :
Recently my son told me to start to act like an old man, so I decided to sell my big collection of design, which I started more than fifty years ago,
when I first met the architect, Mr. Hans J. Wegner.

I had the honour to work for him and with him for a couple of years before his studio grew bigger, and I had the luck to be offered to buy his own prototype of the flag-halyard-chair, now called # GE225. Ever since I have been collecting designs which have ceased to be produced and which are now difficult to retrieve.

Take your time to look through my private collection and – in case you find items interesting to you, please tell me about it, and let us – maybe – discuss it in order to agree with each other. I can promise you my best price and best packing and
shipping as well.