Welcome to Kagu.dk

My unique and private, now fifty year old collection of rare Danish designed and made Furniture started, when I was selected by architect Hans J. Wegner to work for him, and later, also with him in 1958. He offered me his own prototype of the now famous #GE225, the halyard-chair, which I, of course bought in gratitude. In the meantime it has ascended from oblivion to fame.

It consists of my choice of rare masterly designs, primarily from the 1950es, which are since long not produced anymore, and are now also very hard to get hold of, executed by the best cabinetmakers and furniture workshops, by exquisite craftsmen, at that time only scarcely mechanized.

Some designs, but very few, have been re-vitalized and are being produced again today, but the greater part, of still unsurpassed design, have been left behind, and in the meantime they have passed into an exclusive “art-market” achieving very often, prices making them nearly inaccessible.

To me, it has showed impossible to live with later years designs, mostly conceived and “created” via computer, in order to be produced fully industrialized, in, very often, synthetic materials, thus losing any property of the obtaining patina and dignity, thus aging in a beautiful way.

The necessary and essential staff of masters of craftsmen are not found anymore, the high quality of the woods are not available anymore, none of the tables are made of chipboard, none of the surfaces have been lacquered, so that you will always have the immediate feeling of the genuine touch of noble woods, no fabrics were, and are, synthetic a.s.o.

It is a sheer bliss to be living in an ambiance of this furniture (and others) each so distinctly marked by the strong personalities and characters of the individual, and, still unsurpassed architects and designers.

This furniture simply can NOT be made anymore, and they have all entered the glorious history of a very short and unique period of the history of furniture design of world fame. It can never be repeated and it will never be surpassed.